Headwraps / Head Scarves

Jas Fashion provides a wide range of headscarves for women going through hair loss. Our headscarves and wraps are versatile and playful. Square headscarves can be easily wrapped over your head to give you a full head coverage, and you can easily make a customised fit.  If our headscarves are not size-adjustable, we usually provide size options for those with small head sizes or large head sizes. Our classic cotton bandanas give you a budget option while our extra-large headscarves or bandanas give you the chance to play with it by making it into different knots, bows or pretended ponytails at the back of your neck or rosettes on the side of your head. All our chemo headscarves are made of soft material suitable for a bold head. Headscarves are also an excellent wardrobe investment for hair control.