Fishnet Pantyhose Care Instruction

Jas Fashion  

How to protect fishnet pantyhose/tights from runs and snags

1) Put lotion on your feet and legs just before putting the pantyhose on;

2) Do not pull them on. Roll them up and then slide them over your feet and legs. One foot / leg a time. i.e. Instead of pulling at them to drag them up your legs, scrunch them from the hip to toe and then gently work them up your legs;

3) Buy the next size up instead of the smaller size;

4) Freezing your pantyhose before you wear them the first time extends their life;

5) Be sure your toenails are trimmed and filed. If you have sharp hand nails, please wear gloves to handle your tights;

Tip: A small drop of clear nail polish will stop frayed tights/pantyhose from unravelling or running more.

How to put on a fishnet pantyhose without tearing it?