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With hair loss or thinning hair, apart from finding the right headcover style constructed of suitable material/fabric with a good finish, FITTING should be an essential, indispensable factor. Unless it fits, the headcover will continue to remain uncomfortable and awkward. A good headcover should give you the confidence you need and the feeling of being embraced with a  "wear it and forget it" attitude. Any headcover-induced headache definitely stems from a sizing issue.

How to find the headcover of the perfect fit, then?

Your Head Size:

The first thing you should do is to find your head circumference, that is,  your head size. Different companies may have different sizing standards and measurements.

Unlike other parts of our bodies, the sizing of our heads is more inflexible. Therefore, head size should be more accurate than that of clothing. To ensure accuracy, take the measurements at least twice. Take the circumference of the area where you would like the headcover to sit on your head. For more detailed information, please go to the following two posts.

Click here to view Jas Fashion Chemo Headwear Size Guide.

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How to Take Measurements of Your Head Circumference


Choose the Headcover Size:

A comfortable headcover size is typically 1cm bigger than your head circumference.

If a headcover is constructed of non-stretchable material, find out whether it comes with a size adjustment mechanism. Alternatively, a headcover should give you multiple size choices.

For winter headwear, a snug fit is preferable. For warmer seasons, you may find loose fit may help scalp heat evaporate quicker. 

If you select your headcovers from Jas Fashion Online Store, here are some tips to get the perfect fit.

  • If you are unsure of your or the wearer's head size, bamboo hats are the safest option, as bamboo viscose with spandex has incredible flexibility. It allows a hat to stretch usually from 52cm to 60/61cm. Most bamboo hats also tend to fit kids nicely. The range of bamboo hats by Jas Fashion sit comfortably on women's heads, irrespective of their sizes
  • Nightcaps should not be too tight or too loose. Look for a nightcap made of stretchable material which won't give you a headache or slip off your head. 
  • Hats and caps with sweatbands and visors are usually not as size friendly as beanies and turbans. The sweatband and brim/visor of a hat restrain the stretchiness of the hat. Do not compromise your size just for the hat style you like.
  • Make sure you read the SIZING info page for each product and the material composition. 



  • If your head is smaller than 53cm or larger than 58cm, we suggest you switch on the special size filter, which will save you time and hassle.

Tips for Small Head Sizes:

If your head size is smaller than 53cm, the following link has a filter switched on for you.

For those whose head sizes are on the smaller side, you might find the layering technique may help.  The following hats and accessories have been used for layering/head volume-building purposes by our customers with great feedback:

Jas Fashion Bamboo Night Cap Leslie

Bamboo Night Cap – Leslie 

Cotton  Chemo Turban Beanie Gathered on Side - Lucy

Cotton Beanie Gathered on Side

Premium Cotton Slip-on Sleep Cap Beanie

Premium Cotton Slip-on Sleep Cap Beanie

Multi-functional Hat Liner

Multi-functional Hat Liner

Seamless Wrap Headband with Print

Seamless Wrap Headband with Print

 Wide Cotton Lining Headband

Wide Cotton Lining Headband

Lace Band with Sash for Turbans

Lace Headband With Sash For Turbans

Full Closure Chemo Halo Headband with Hair Mia

Full Closure Chemo Halo Headband With Hair Mia

Halo Headband With Hair

Chemo Halo Headband Hair Susan 

Lace Band with Sash for Turbans

Chemo Fringe Hair Extension Headband Trishy

Lace Band with Sash for Turbans

Bamboo Cap with Removable Hair Extension – Lena

Lace Band with Sash for Turbans

Terry Cotton Headband Hat Sizer Band


Tips for Large Head Sizes:

If your head size is larger than 58cm, the following link has a filter switched on for you.

For those whose head sizes are on the large side, you may benefit from the following post:

How to Stretch a Hat?  How to Stretch a Hat at Home?


If you find that your head size is not included in the default size range for a particular product, please send an inquiry so that we can either find you a suitable size in our reserve stockpile, or we might modify the hat for you.

At Jas Fashion, we trust our wide range of products and sizes is sufficient to meet each person's needs. We strive to serve each customer's unique needs because we recognize each customer's individuality. Feel free to let us know your head size when you place your order so that we can effortlessly cater to all your needs.


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