A Letter from Kay to Jas Fashion

Kay   >  27 October 2022

This is a letter from a Jas Fashion customer. We hope Kay’s beautiful letter and smile can brighten your day as it did to us.

Dear Jas Fashion,

Once again, I'd like to thank you for the wonderful service you provide.

I now own quite a few of your beautiful headcovers and hats. They are all so beautiful and so very well made.

I want to tell you what lead me to buy my first chemo cap from you.

I'm 58 years old and suffer from alopecia. I normally wear a wig to cover my bare head.

One day when I was in Wagga Wagga shopping, I started to feel uncomfortable in my wig, so, I popped into the Wagga Wagga cancer council and asked 'if they knew anywhere that sold lovely chemo turbans I could wear.'

They sent me to a Chemist in Gurwood Street. I found a beautiful deep green velvet turban I loved, but it was $120.

I was tempted to buy it but decided I'd go home and look on the internet first.

I google searched for chemo caps in Australia, that's where I found your website.

The lovely surprise I got, when I found a velvet chemo turban for only $12,

(I could own 10 for the price the chemist wanted for 1) so I ordered a velvet Tania Turban in grey and a few other hats. I had them so quickly from you and they fit so well and are so comfortable and pretty.

I now keep coming back for more, and always get such great service and lovely items.

Thank you very much.

Kay (Full name removed upon customer’s request)


That Chemist had cheaper turbans (I think they started from about $65). They were all some expensive brand names.

I have found other shops on the internet, too. But they all seem a lot more expensive than your shop.



Message from Jas Fashion Team:

Kay (nickname) has been a loyal customer of Jas Fashion. She was kind enough to allow Jas Fashion to share her letter with other customers here. 

We hope Kay’s beautiful smile can brighten your day as it did to us. We hope her story can inspire more women who are dealing with hair loss issues. If you have a story to share, please contact SUPPORT@JasFashion.com.au