Wigs vs. Headcovers Comparison Table for Hair Loss Coverage

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If you have lost your hair due to medical reasons, an aesthetic solution for covering your scalp is wearing a wig or a hat.

Both wigs and hats have their own merits. 

The following table may give you some ideas when you prepare for your hair loss.





Natural human hair can be very expensive, and if custom-made, it can rack up thousands of dollars.

*Synthetic hair can be a cheaper alternative, but the price is still very high compared to generic headcover solutions.

Between a few dollars to under $100 each



The wig base (weft, monofilament, lace, silicon, or suction) is not moisture-wicking and breathable enough for long-term wearers. It retains body heat, which may cause discomfort or lead to hives in hot summer weather. 


Most head covers are made of breathable material, such as bamboo viscose, cotton, fine wool, rayon, or other hi-tech synthetic material.

Sleeping Time Friendly



The looks

With the right wig, your hair loss will be undetectable.

People may notice the changes in your looks. They may notice you have become a hat person.

Choice Availabilities

It may not be available in your local shopping centre, so online shopping may be your best option.

The same as left.

Insurance Policy Cover and Local Government Subsidy

  • Some health funds provide rebates. Check with your health fund provider.
  • Contact each state government for possible financial assistance.

Usually, health funds do not provide rebates on headwear expenses. Contact your health fund provider for more detailed information.


  • Unless they are custom-made, they tend to be one-size-fits-all.
  • Most wigs have adjustable straps for a secure fit.

  • Usually, headcovers can provide more size options.
  • They are more size-friendly and made of stretchable material.

(Make sure you get your correct head measurements.)

Product Care

  • Your hairstyle will look the same every day!
  • You are your own hairdresser.
  • You may have to wash the wig as usual.


  • No more "bad hair days!"
  • Usually made of delicate material for comfort.
  • With good care, they can last a lifetime.



In conclusion, the disadvantages of a wig are the price and discomfort. If budget is not something you are concerned about, it's great to have a wig in place to wear in cold weather from time to time, for it also adds to your style. 
The headcovers are budget-friendly and more comfortable for the long-term wearer. Having comfortable headgear minimizes the damage to your scalp and hair and adds a bout of self-confidence, making the transition much more manageable.

If a wig is optional, a headcover is a must.