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Sufferring from Alopecia since childhood, Kay's journey to restoring her self-confidence and beauty is so inspiring.

I can't find the right words to express how much Jas Fashion has been a blessing to me.

My name is Kay. I'm in my late 50's, and I've suffered from Alopecia since childhood.

Kay Suffered from Alopecia Since a Child

Just after Christmas 2021, my hair started to fall out, and by February 2022, I'd lost nearly all my hair, including my body. It started to grow back in July 2022 only to fall out again in September 2022.

I bought myself a few short grey curly wigs (expensive, with a monofilament top, hand-tied, and lace front).

The only problem is the monofilament top gets very hot in the sun, and the lace can get itchy.

Kay Wearing Her Expensive but Uncomfortable Wig

I was out shopping one day and got very uncomfortable in this grey wig. (you can read about what happened and how I found Jas Fashion on this blog, titled a letter from Kay)

I bought a few items from Jas Fashion that I was so happy with that I came back for more.

I recently bought a 20's Wool Cloche Flower Chemo hat in Turquoise Blue and a Bamboo cap with hair - Joy from Jas Fashion.

I can't get over the improvement.

I look years younger and feel so much prettier like this.

I feel so pretty like this that I got the courage and went to the beautician's yesterday (for the first time in over 25 years) and had my eyebrows and eyelashes dyed dark brown.

The Confident New Kay with Jas Fashion Hair Extension and Cloche Hat

THANK YOU ever so much, Jas Fashion, for helping bring back the young me.

From Kay



Alopecia (hair loss) may make you lose confidence.  There are different alternatives to bring back your beauty and confidence after hair loss.  

Wigs might not be the only or best option in dealing with hair loss. In fact, many women find that wearing headwear is a more comfortable option.

Kay's journey to restoring her self-confidence and beauty is so inspiring.

We hope her story can bring styling tips to other women dealing with or going to deal with hair loss.

Kay has shared another story. Click here to read more. A Letter from Kay to Jas Fashion

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