Chemo Must-have Headcovers and Styling Tips

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Chemo Must-have Headcovers and Styling Tips

One of the frequent questions we receive is, what are the must-haves when preparing for hair loss before my chemo treatment starts?

The easy answer is that you need at least two basic styles of headcover, headcovers for daytime and night-time. The chance of hair loss is very high for most people undergoing chemotherapy treatments. With headcovers taken care of, you can focus on coping with other side effects of chemo treatment.

What are the Chemo Must-have Headcovers?

We usually advise customers to get the following essential headcovers to start with:  either a basic beanie, a simple turban, or a simple headscarf wrap to suit the season.

Chemo sleep caps are an excellent solution for sleeping during hospital stays or lounging at home. Also called nightcaps, they are made of stretchable materials and are breathable, moisture-absorbent, and lightweight. They ensure you get soothing sleep and help collect the hair you lose overnight, making the clean-up much easier the next day. To have a sleep cap is a MUST in cold seasons.

A good sleep cap should give you a snug fit so that it will not slip off while you sleep. Also, it should NOT be too tight to cause discomfort after wearing it for a few hours in bed.

Please take a look at our Night Cap Category to find out how to select a perfect sleeping cap.

Some Popular Night Caps








A day-night headcover can be a simple beanie, turban, or headscarf.

Concurrently, a nightcap can be used as a daytime headcover and vice versa.
























Some headcover style examples by Jas Fashion

Chemo Headwear Styling Tips

Consider the following factors when selecting daytime hats to cover one year's hair-loss-regrowth cycle.

  • How hot it gets in summer, and how cold it gets in winter?
  • Are you an active person?
  • What else is in your wardrobe?
  • Matches the headcover?
  • How active is your social life?
  • Is it a formal or a casual occasion?

If you live in Tasmania, you might have to get a thick wool hat to combat the winter chill. If you live in the north of Australia, you might have to get a single-layer turban or beanies, which can give your scalp room to breathe.

You may need to get one or two sun hats for active women for outdoor activities. In Australia, slip-slop-slap is part of our daily life to block the ozone hole UV rays and reduce the chance of skin cancer. After losing hair, having your bald scalp covered with an appropriate sun hat is even more crucial. 


Think of what you have in your wardrobe.

Casual styles such as beanies, bandanas, and baseball caps go perfectly well with informal clothes such as jeans, shorts, shirts, and tees. They give a more edgy, trendy, and contemporary look.

Turbans, with or without sashes, and scarves, are great for formal and business casual outfits. Turbans are an exercise in classic elegance. They can be styled in multiple ways, wearing a floor-length evening dress, a blazer, trousers, or a cocktail dress.

(Please check out our other post about CHEMO TURBAN HAT HISTORY AND STYLING GUIDE)

Scarves and headwraps allow you to be creative and add a touch of your personality to your overall looks. For those looking for an on-the-go headcover, pre-tied scarves are a simple style option that can conform to almost all wardrobe aesthetics.


Use scarves in different creative ways.

Watch Video on how to make a rosette with a sash.


If you already have conventional sun hats in your wardrobe, you may notice they might be too harsh on your bald scalp. If you are on a tight budget and investing in more hats is not an option, consider a hat liner or a headband so that you can wear your regular fashion sun hats. 



Cloche Sun Hat with Hat Liner Set

In the above image, the model wears a standard sun hat but with a soft hat liner underneath.

Cotton Baseball Cap with Chiffon Sash

In the above images, a chiffon scarf is placed over a cotton baseball cap to cover the back hairline to camouflage the hairless nape.


And then, what about your social life?

Most professional therapists suggest patients undergoing cancer treatments not to isolate themselves from the world. With already a heavy burden on your physical health, socializing frequently can help prevent it from burdening your mind as well. You may have to go to support group meetings, medical runs, counselling, or a doctor's appointment, and you may have to attend everyday events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

Formal occasions such as weddings, events, and parties usually have an untold dress code, which means the headwear must match that. On the other hand, informal events such as doctor's appointments, lunch with friends, or a day out with the family call for more laid-back options such as sunhats, caps, and beanies.

Hats with hair extensions or sashes are a great fashion statement and are meant for people who aren't all that comfortable flaunting their bald heads. For those days when you are relaxing at home or having guests over, hats with hair extensions are a great option. Light, easy to wear with very little hassle, they make you look put together with minimal effort.

How about your lifestyle?

Are you a busy person? Do you have time to get dressed up?

For many people, pre-tied scarves are an appealing option because they do not have the time to tie them. They may also be physically limited by surgeries or other medical procedures that restrict arm movement. As the name suggests, a pre-tied scarf looks like it was tied by hand, which you slip on without hassle.

But if you are open to playing around with your scarves, loose scarves can be fun! There are many ways to tie them, and you can always start by looking up tutorials on YouTube.

Cotton Floral Print Scarf Durag

Ruffled Floral Print Triangle Scarf

Stretch Triangle Scarf Linda


Visored Head Scarf –  Lynette



Cotton Baseball Cap with Chiffon Sash

Some headcover style examples by Jas Fashion


At JAS FASHION, we believe that every individual's beauty is unique, and each person has their budget. We have the most extensive range of chemo hair loss products in Australia, and our personalized service is next to none. We are confident you will find something that suits your needs. 

Please let us know if you do not find what you want, and we will try to custom-make it for you. Please send your inquiry to: It's our job to make you feel beautiful, confident, and radiant.

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